🇬🇧 VC’s new frontier: investing in profitable companies? (OpenVC guest post)

Not a semester goes by without VC records being broken here in France and more broadly in Europe.

Glovo, TradeRepublic, Ledger… In S1 2021, French tech companies raised €5B (+90% YoY) while the German ones snagged €7.8B (+298% YoY), and the British ones €16B (+243% YoY). For everyone in tech, now is a good time to take VC money.

Yet, we see an opposite trend.

In France, more and more entrepreneurs chose to bootstrap and grow their business without external funding. Not one to shy away from a challenge, we now see VCs willing and adamant to invest in… bootstrapped companies.

The momentum for those atypical investments is high in France. Let’s unpack it.

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