🇬🇧 Who can help you to prepare your fundraising?

In France, 30 to 50% of investment rounds are prepared and managed by a fundraising advisor. In order to help you find the best advisor for your coming fundraising, we referenced in the table below all the advisors active in France to support tech companies in their search for Venture Capital investors.

Of course, each advisor has its specificity, track-records and style. All that you may find in more details on their website, as it is mostly unstructured data. We stuck to few important aspects:
– Stage: reflects the maturity of the company looking for funds
– Range: the targeted amount of the fundraising (equity only)
– Geography: where are most advisor’s clients based
– Positioning: while most advisors deal only with fundraising for tech companies, some of them -usually larger- may have part of their team dedicated to it (the rest dealing with M&A or other consulting fields), some may also have a narrower scope with a focus eg. on impact only, or fintech.

If you have any question related to this table, or if you spot an incorrect/missing data, don’t hesitate to reach out: augustin@shiftfinance.fr.

This table is brought to you by Augustin de Cambourg from SHIFT FINANCE, a fundraising advisor for B2B tech companies from seed to series B ; with a great help from Patrick Nguyen from LaRuche, an incubator and accelerator of sustainable projects.

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash